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Here at Traverse, we help our clients lay the foundation for long term
success by providing expert guidance, personalized attention, and
industry specific solutions. We offer clients the highest level of expertise
and professionalism traditionally expected from a Big Four consultancy without the overhead costs and resulting fees.

Traverse specializes in Turnaround and Restructuring services, Creditor Advisory, Workout services, Interim Management, and Transaction Advisory Support for business in order to streamline operations and improve performance. Our turnkey process allows us to quickly assess our clients’ situations and assemble the optimal resources to address critical business issues.

We Offer the Following Services to Support, Restructure and Maximize Your Business:


Transaction Advisory Services

Traverse professionals have proven results in identifying quantitative deal issues while performing accounting and financial due diligence.

Our approach focuses inquiry and analysis on the quality of the company’s earnings. Our scope typically requires we execute a deep dive into the company’s operations and financial position. We typically serve private equity buyers, strategic sellers and lenders. Traverse offers comprehensive due diligence advice and / or a customized approach when evaluating potential investment opportunities. Our team of Transaction Advisory professionals is able to lead and advise on all aspects of the investment cycle, whether a client is looking to acquire a company, sell a business, or obtain additional capital.

The Traverse Transaction Advisory team draws on their extensive experience in order to help clients across a variety of industries gain a better understanding of the value drivers of an opportunity and the associated risk factors. Whether representing buyers, sellers, or lenders, Traverse offers wide-ranging due diligence advice and hands-on support when evaluating a transaction.

  • Financial Due Diligence Services

    • Your Traverse consultant will develop in depth work plans that are comprehensive; delivering insightful quality of earnings analysis. This process results in purchase price points of negotiation and adjustment.
    • Our team is skilled at preparing Quality of Earnings (EBITDA) analysis with each step supported by underlying analysis.
    • We provide a detailed review of the balance sheet, focusing on reserves and accruals and liabilities both on and off the balance sheet, as well as the quality of all assets.
    • We also analyze the Company’s accounting policies to include appropriateness of revenue recognition, reserves, and cost recognition.

  • Tax Due Diligence

    • Buy and Sell side tax due
      diligence support.
    • Transaction structuring and related negotiation, both domestic and
      cross-border, including high value strategies such as IP migration.
    • Purchase/sale agreement negotiation assistance (e.g., stock purchase agreements).
    • Tax efficient exit strategy structuring.
    • Post-transaction assistance, including executing on deal structure, tax remediation work and other post-transaction tasks such as make-whole computations, transaction cost analysis and
      filing special tax elections.

  • Additional Services

    • Sell-side due diligence (to include assistance and preparation of management’s adjustments to
      earnings) and vendor assistance.
    • Carve-out and stand-alone analysis.
    • Free cash flow reconciliations
      and cash proofs.
    • Quality of net assets, completeness
      of liabilities.
    • Analysis of financial forecasts.
    • Purchase agreement support.
    • Synergy identification.
    • Closing and opening balance sheet compilations.

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Turnaround & Restructuring Services

Here at Traverse, our Management Services team works with under performing companies to address challenges and issues affecting their business while identifying and building on their strengths.

Traverse provides restructuring and turnaround services to assist underperforming organizations in a financial and operational capacity. Our turnaround team works with clients to address the immediate liquidity issues affecting their business. This allows the company to focus on their strengths, day to day operations, and implementing growth strategies.

Traverse helps companies navigate through their business both in court and out of court by ensuring that the needs of all parties are met proactively and addressing critical issues and challenges in a timely manner. Our goal is to provide companies with a fresh start, a platform from which to grow.

Our expert team provides the following services based on an organization’s unique challenges:

  • Restructuring Services

    • Corporate turnaround services
    • Cross-border and multinational restructurings
    • Financial advisory services during
      the Chapter 11 process
    • Interim crisis management
    • Out-of-court workouts
    • Preparation and implementation
      of restructuring plans
    • Preparation for bankruptcy

  • Restructuring Activates

    • Manage cash and working capital
    • Evaluate viability of operations
    • Prepare liquidation analyses
    • Identify and analyze assumptions, business plans and forecasts
    • Assess feasibility of business plans
    • Analyze reorganization plans
      and alternatives
    • Assist in the development of
      exit strategies
    • Assist with debt restructuring
    • Negotiate with creditors
    • Assist in the preservation of tax attributes, NOLs, insolvency and bankruptcy issues and tax compliance

  • Turnaround Services

    • Administer crisis cash management
    • Perform interim management responsibilities
    • Identify issues affecting profitability
    • Develop turnaround plan and implementation
    • Facilitate implementation of solutions

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Interim Executive Management

We provide Executive interim management at different points in a Company’s life cycle. We have effectively worked to improve operations, maximize the enterprises’ opportunities, and manage risk by engaging at the right place and the right time. We have worked in a CRO capacity for distressed enterprises as well as CFO with profitable businesses requiring additional horse power and providing managerial optionality.

An Executive departure is difficult for an organization, and can cause disruption beyond just the need to backfill the position. Traverse’s team of experienced executives can assist organizations through times of executive transition. We often work in conjunction with senior management in order minimize the impact of the departure, by maintaining operations, providing leadership through existing business processes, and facilitating growth and momentum as a company transitions.

Our executives understand that the role of an interim executive is different from that of a permanent executive. The person must address both operational issues and issues related specifically to the transition period, while integrating seamlessly into the organization. We work with our clients to fill a variety of key positions (CRO, CFO, COO), until the company is able to implement an executive search, allowing them time select the right candidate. Tenure of our Interim Management executives varies by each client’s needs, and often we can assist in finding the right candidate and provide thought leadership and executive coaching during the transition.

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Creditor Advisory & Workout Management

Creditors often face significant financial risk as a result of business restructuring, transition, challenges and bankruptcy claims. Traverse provides Advisory Services to creditor groups and other stakeholders with interests in companies engaged in a restructuring, bankruptcy and transition or which are otherwise exposed to financial and operational instability. Our Creditor Advisory Services team provides solutions to lenders with varying positions in a company’s capital structure both in and out of court. In these situations, lender groups, creditor committees, bondholders, and other stakeholders require analysis and information that is timely, accessible and accurate.

Our Workout Management team specializes in providing leadership and assistance to companies with distressed assets. We analyze each unique asset and circumstance in order to determine the appropriate workout strategy. Our goal here at Traverse is to provide clients with a structured path to restore a company’s long term operational and financial stability, profitability and feasibility.

We also provide receivership services to lenders. That support comes in the form of either or both pre receivership analysis and as Receiver. Garden variety receivers come in the form of attorneys and real estate professionals that do not possess the experience and leadership skills to quickly grasp the issues in an operating entity. Our professionals are C-Level executives that are experts at preserving collateral and maximizing recovery.

  • Creditor Advisory Services

    • Support Financial Advisor to Creditor Committee
    • Determining viability
    • Identifying operational improvements, cost reductions, and other profitability improvements
    • Monitoring operations, cash flow,
      and liquidity
    • Evaluating exit strategies such as reorganization, full or partial sale, merger/acquisition, and liquidation
    • Insolvency analysis and expert testimony
    • Analysis of insider, preferential transfers, and fraudulent conveyances
    • Review of substantive consolidation issues
    • Conduct situational assessment

  • Workout Management Services

    • All inclusive workout management
    • Time sensitive attention to resolving the loan issues
    • Dedication to helping distress companies recapture or reduce the loan loss reserve
    • Preparation of 13 week cash flow
    • Liquidation analysis

  • Receivership

    • Federal or State
    • Operate as Going Concern
    • Preserve Collateral & Records
    • Maximize Recovery through sale or liquidation

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