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Traverse provides restructuring
and interim management

to assist underperforming organizations
in a financial and operational capacity.

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Our Turnkey Management Services
process allows us to quickly assess
our clients’ situations

and assemble the optimal resources to
address critical business issues.



Here at Traverse, we provide restructuring, interim management, debtor and creditor services to assist challenged organizations in a financial and operational capacity.


Traverse provides in-depth transaction support for our clients including an analysis of a company’s quality of earnings, accounting and tax due diligence services.


The team at Traverse has over 100 years of combined experience. Our executives come from a “Big 4” background, & have extensive experience in both public & private sector industries.
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Why Choose Us

  • Experience

    Traverse is a consulting firm dedicated to providing corporate restructuring, interim management and transaction support. Our expert team has over 100 years of combined experience, which allows us to provide the highest quality advice, service and support to underperforming organizations seeking to restructure operations, overcome financial challenges, or maximize opportunity and performance.
  • Proven Results

    Traverse has a long history of successfully restructuring companies in & out of court. We help our clients through uncertainty, build momentum, and navigate through the zone of insolvency.
  • Direct Impact to the Bottom Line

    Our experts define operational improvements that yield cost efficiencies, directly impacting a company’s quality of earnings.